Infant of Prague

The Infant Jesus of Prague is probably one of the most famous depictions of Jesus. As the name suggests, the statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague is located in Prague, more precisely in the Church of the Victorious Virgin Mary (Kostel Panny Marie Vítezné). It is an approx. 47 cm tall wooden statue that has been refined with colored wax. The Infant Jesus of Prague is depicted with a crown, a royal cape and a gold-plated globe with a cross and the right hand has raised it as a blessing. Even today it receives splendid robes from all over the world and about once a month it is dressed in one of these beautiful Dresses.

It is believed that a Spanish monk carved the Infant Jesus of Prague in a monastery in the 12th century. It is more likely, however, that the figure was only created in the 16th century. At first the Infant Jesus was owned by a Spanish royal family and later got to Bohemia through marriage. Later the baby Jesus was given to the Carmelite monastery in Prague. Over the years it became known for several miraculous healings and is also said to protect against plague and pillage.

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