Abendland Nativity

*in the picture in 11,5 cm - color

The Fill Abendland Nativity is a nativity scene based on the Baroque style. She stands out especially by her very detailed carving. For carving the Fill Abendland nativity, we use only high quality sycamore (maple) wood. The Occidental Crib is characterized by two other special features. There are the figures that represent the escape to Egypt with Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, donkey and denier host. There is also the crucifixion group as an addition to the nativity scene.

The Fill Abendland Nativity is available in the following sizes: 6.5 cm - 8 cm - 10 cm - 11.5 cm - 12 cm - 14 cm - 17 cm - 20 cm - 27 cm - 42 cm

Not sure which size is right?
Use our printable template. This will give you a better idea of which size is right for you.

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