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Indication of size

Which is the right size and how is it measured?

If, despite the instructions, you are still not sure which size is right for you,
so write us an email to or on Whats App 0039 (0) 474 652 304.


Nativity Figures


The standing St. Joseph is always used to determine the size of Nativity figures.
He gets simply measured from head to toe.

All other figures are adjusted proportionally. 

Kneeling or lying shepherds, elephant, camel, sheep, animals and other objects in the
Category of nativity figures are always proportionally adjusted.


You decide to buy nativity figures in 10 cm. So you buy the Holy Family in 10 cm.
All other nativity figures: kneeling or lying shepherds, elephant, camel, sheep, animals and others
Items, you select the same size, 10 cm.


Crib stable

With crib stables it`s exactly the same. So, that you as a customer, can find easily the right size of a
crib stable, we also use the size of the nativity figures as indication of size.

If you have nativity figures with a height of 10 cm, you also purchase the crib stall in the size of 10 cm.
Thus, you are sure that the stable is also the right size for your crib figures, and therefore not too small but not too big.



Bei Tieren (ausgenommen sind Tiere die sich in der Kategorie der Krippenfiguren befinden) wird als größe immer die längste Seite angegeben.

Z.B. bei einem Pferd oder einer Kuh ist die Angabe von z.B. 20 cm nicht die Höhe sondern die Breite, da dies die längere Seite ist.

Bei einer Eule entspricht z.B. 20 cm der Höhe da dort dies die längere Seite ist.

With animals (except animals that are in the category of nativity figures) the size gets always measured be there longest side.

For example, in the case of a horse or a cow, the indication of e.g. 20 cm is not the height but the width, as this is the longer side.

For an owl, 20 cm, is the height as this is the longer side.



Standing figures

Stehende Holzfiguren werden immer von Kopf bis Fuß gemessen.
Bei Figuren, wie dem Heilige Florian (untem im Bild), die z.B. eine Lanze, oder andere
Gegenstände die höher als der Kopf sind, haben, wird das Höhenmaß bis z.B. zur Lanze
meist zusätzlich in Klammer angegeben. Beispiel: Hl. Florian 30 cm (36) oder 30(36).

Standing wooden figures are always measured from head to toe.
Figures, like the Saint Florian (below in the picture), which e.g. have a lance, or other objects that are higher than the head, the complete height dimension e.g. to the lance, is usually additionally indicated in parenthesis. Example: St. Florian 30 cm (36) or 30 (36).


Crosses with Christ

The body / Christ determines the size of a cross.
The body / Christ gets measured head to toe.
Often the height of the cross is additionally indicated.

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