Kostner Nativity

The Original E. Kostner Nativity is probably one of the biggest cribs out there. Over 120 different figures and animals in different sizes and finishes (natural or painted). The crib figures of the E. Kostner nativity scene are carved from native sycamore (maple) wood up to a size of 30 cm. Nativity figures from 48 cm of the nativity scene are carved from limewood.

The E. Kostner nativity is available in the following sizes: 8 cm - 9.5 cm - 12 cm - 16 cm - 20 cm - 25 cm - 48 cm - 75 cm - 90 cm - 120 cm - 150 cm

Are you uncertain about the size?
Use our printable template to get a better idea of which size is right for you.

►►Kostner nativity print template

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