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Buy windmill with moving figures

Here you will find very stable and high-quality processed windmills made of wood stainless steel, aluminum and ball bearings, bronze bushes.
Buy Windmill with moving figures such. the tyrolean lumberjack, wood saw with 2 figures, wild boar on a spit, ...
The moving figures are hand-carved from swiss stone pine wood and double-painted with weather-resistant paint and painted with water-based paint.
Finally, the movable figures are sealed with a weatherproof varnish.

We use only stainless steel and aluminum and so our windmills are stainless (except for 3 nuts and the two bike hubs that are not made of stainless steel) and absolutely weatherproof.
The color of the propellers is powder coated and therefore scratch and weather resistant.

Each windmill is assembled by hand and then tested outdoors for at least a week.


  • Buy beautiful windmill for your garden or balcony
  • Weatherproof due to high quality materials (stainless steel, aluminum, ball bearings, bronze bushes)
  • Hand-carved movable figures made of Swiss pine wood
  • Powder coated propellers
  • 100% quality from South Tyrol
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