St. Florian
St. Florian

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Name: Saint Florian of Lorch
Birth Y ear: Presumably in the 3rd century (exact birth date unknown)
Orig in: Roman Province of Noricum (present-day Austria)
Profession: Roman officer under Emperor Diocletian
Fait h: Christianity
Mar tyrdom: Martyred during the Christian persecutions under Diocletian due to his Christian faith.
Patron Sa int: Patron Saint of firefighters, revered for protection against fire hazards.
Feast Day: Saint Florian's feast day is on May 4th.
Sy mbol: Often depicted with a bucket or basin of water, symbolizing his role in extinguishing fires.
Leg end: A well-known legend states that he saved a city from a devastating fire by praying and extinguishing the flames with just one bucket of water.
Ven eration: Highly revered and honored in many countries, especially in Germany, Austria, and Italy.
Patr onage: Also the patron saint of bakers and venerated in various professions and walks of life.

Hand-Carved Wooden Statue of Saint Florian

Discover the beauty and symbolic meaning of the hand-carved wooden statue of Saint Florian! As the patron saint of firefighters and protector against fire hazards, this artistically crafted sculpture embodies the courage and dedication of Saint Florian of Lorch.

Our wooden statue of Saint Florian has been carefully and meticulously carved by skilled artisans. Each cut and detail has been thoughtfully sculpted to emphasize the distinctive features and attributes of the saint. The figure depicts Saint Florian with the Florian Cross, symbolizing his role as the patron saint against fire.

This unique wooden sculpture is perfect as an expression of your faith and an inspiring decoration for your home, office, or communal space. The warm tones of the wood lend the statue a natural beauty and timeless aesthetic that seamlessly complements any environment.

The wooden statue of Saint Florian is not only an impressive work of art but also a precious gift for firefighters, bakers, and devout believers who venerate Saint Florian. It symbolizes protection, courage, and compassion, serving as a reminder that help and support are always available when needed.

Purchase our hand-carved wooden statue of Saint Florian today and bring a touch of spiritual significance and craftsmanship into your life. With this unique sculpture, you can feel the presence and protection of Saint Florian in your daily life.


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